Eleanor Wood
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Shifting Borders series, 2005-06

10.5 x 10.5 inches each
watercolor and mixed media on paper
(including waxed paper, oil pastel and oil bar)

My western windows are most beautiful in early evening…
The level and quiescent dust of light which fills the sky is
as autumnal in its colouring as the earth below.
There is autumn on the earth and autumn overhead….
The beam….entering my northern casement,
brushes a recurrent pallor of light across a part of my bedroom wall.

“The Outermost House” by Henry Beston

Previously the emphasis on the horizontal line certainly seemed to refer to the appearance of written texts, scripts or manuscripts.  Within the new context one cannot help associating it with the bands of light and shadow cast by the stark white Californian light as it is filtered through the Venetian blinds hung at every window.  The square format of the work reflects the new square studio.  In Shifting Borders the images are often set off to one side, creating visual tensions, and suggesting that two things are at the same time, both similar and quite distinct.

The title Shifting Borders refers both to the compositional devices employed, and to what seems to be a migratory life-style.  (We spend summer months in England and leave for California as the days begin to shorten.