Eleanor Wood
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Reflections on Parallels series, 2012

The Series Reflections on Parallels  (2012) has been made over a long period of time.   Several years ago I made faint pencil drawings, on textured paper, of the outlines of rectangles stacked one on top of another.  Subtle watercolor bleeds were created under and around the edges of the centralized geometric forms.  The works were then set aside.
Recently I retrieved the incomplete works from my store and re-started work, using additional media, and most significantly small burnt marks. It was these scorched dots, which sit side-by side with pinpricks that provided the impetus for the development of the series.  Many of the works underwent significant changes before conclusion, colors were adjusted and vestiges of hidden layers are evident, and particularly visible at edges. 

The geometric forms float, both spatially and in their relationship to the paper’s edge.  They have something of aerial views or architectural plans about them, and although modest in actual size, (the largest is 15x15 inches), there is suggestion of the expansive, of allusion to gargantuan open space, seen from a great distance.  It has been observed that while earlier series drew the eye in and invited scrutiny, in these recent works there is an expanding dynamic, and an allusion of things far beyond the parameters of the work.

There are 22 works in the series and hung together the eye goes back and forth observing the similarities and the differences. The works have an implicit sense of order, of being methodically made in a careful, painstaking and systematic way.  The repetitive and controlled nature of the structures, give the series a meditative calm.

Eleanor Wood
May 2012