Eleanor Wood
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Boundaries and Parallels series, 2007-08

23 x 23 inches, 21 x 21inches and 13 x 13 inches
Watercolor and mixed media on paper
(Including wax, oil pastel, and oil bar)

”….a boy asked whether I did much crossing out.  I explained that most of my work consisted of crossing out and that crossing out was the secret of all good writing.”
Mark Haddon ‘B is for bestseller’ Guardian Unlimited, 2004.

The working process sets out as predetermined but as it proceeds becomes increasingly indeterminate ad embroiled with uncertainties.  The re-workings, alterations, changes and obliterations are what give the best works their qualities.

An indistinct haze of watercolor hovers around a hard-edged decisively placed and measured rectangle.  Geometry plays off the atmospheric and indistinct area beneath. 

The traces of human touch lend emotion to the geometry.