Eleanor Wood
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Boundaries and Parallels series, 2006

23 x 23 inches each
watercolor and mixed media on paper
(including wax, oil pastel, and oil bar)


The demarcation of boundaries fences the field of activity.  Enclosed areas are divided off and so protected.  When threads are unpicked and fences are gone, we are left with traces and residues.  Stitching or pinning may preserve an edge or join sections.  The paper retains evidence of activities and endeavors; it bears testament to the processes it has undergone.

In Boundaries and Parallels the color becomes subtle once again whilst only fragments of the siennas and oranges evident in Shifting Borders remain, contained to occasional narrow strips.  The celebration of the square becomes emphatic whilst wax tabs (or stripes) anchor the ‘figure’ to the ‘ground’.  The images float but never leave the picture plane.   Recent works have been described as ‘parched and sun-dried surfaces’.  Though abstract, this work relates to the Central Valley in California where the artist lives.  This area was created by deposits of silt washed down from the high sierras which gradually dried out, leaving baked expanses of earth.  The paintings are made from many superimposed thin layers of wash, each of which dries overnight before being overlaid.